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Frequently asked questions

  • How fast would a typical delivery be?
    The Ray flies at over 100km/h in cruise: From order to pick-up in less than 10 minutes for urban distances.
  • How far can the Ray fly?
    Our aircraft has a maximum operational range of 20km. Most urban distances, however, lie between 5-10km which allows for optimal operations with enough emergency buffers.
  • Is the Ray safe?
    The Ray is equipped with an array of safety features meticulously designed to proactively prevent malfunctions and mitigate risks, including a parachute deployment system, ensuring a controlled descent to the ground. Urban ray complies with the highest regulatory bodies in Europe to ensure safe operations.
  • How much can the Ray deliver?
    The Ray can deliver payloads with a large volume of 18l, which are approximately 1.5 shoe boxes, and a weight up to 5kg. However, to ensure the maximum operational range of 20km, the nominal weight should be 2.5kg.
  • How noisy is the Ray?
    Urban Ray stands out with its distinctive aircraft design. The Ray is quieter than traditional hobby UAVs and do not emit their high-frequency buzzing noise. At a cruise altitude of 120m, they will not be heard at all. During take-off and landing, the sound profile is similar to the urban environment.
  • Can the Ray fly in all weather conditions?
    Yes, the Ray is designed to operate effectively in various weather conditions. Prepared for German weather, your package will be delivered come rain or shine.
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