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A personal reflection for Women's International Day

Hey there! So, I'm this girl who once rocked the boys' football team and now finds herself navigating the tech skies as a Technical Compliance Engineer at Urban Ray. With a background in aerospace and some experience in the diesel engine world, I've become quite the expert in proving people wrong when they say, "Girls can't do that."

Picture this: a foreigner in Germany, a woman in a sea of guys, testing diesel engines and now conquering the world of drones – I've basically been a one-woman show challenging stereotype. Being the only woman in the room sometimes felt like I was crashing a secret club meeting, but this fueled my fire to break through those "boys only" barriers.

Diving into the drone revolution at Urban Ray, I've noticed room for growth in gender diversity, particularly within the technical department. However, Urban Ray stands out as an inspiring workplace, allowing me to contribute to the drone game in a manner that actively challenges and transforms traditional gender norms, propelling both my career and the company forward.

Despite the challenges, I've had my fair share of wins. Now at Urban Ray, I'm the go-to person for ensuring our drones follow all the rules and regulations. Who knew being "the only girl" would turn into "the girl who knows her stuff"?

To all the future kick-butt women out there, here's my advice:

  • Confidence is your Superpower: Own it. Believe in yourself, and let that confidence be your pushing force.

  • Find Your Squad: Allies, mentors, and fellow women in the industry – gather them all. Having women who inspire you is a nice reminder that we deserve the big seats at the table.

  • Never Stop Learning: In a world that's evolving as fast as the drone industry, staying curious and learning is your secret weapon.

  • Your Uniqueness is Your Strength: Being the only woman in the room? That's your superpower. Your perspective is a game-changer, so embrace it.

  • Laughter is the Best Copilot: A good laugh can be your secret weapon against stereotypes, but don't just shake it off. Humor breaks the ice, but when faced with barriers, use that laughter to fuel your determination. Challenge the norms and keep soaring through challenges.

So, here's to the International Women's Day – where we celebrate the progress we've made and gear up for the journey ahead. Buckle up, ladies, because the sky's the limit (or the space if you’re a fellow aerospace engineer), and we're breaking through it!


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